gorthleck House can be found in the village of gorthleck, today it is known as gorthleck Mains and for many years has been the home of the Fraser family. The room that Bonnie Prince Charlie jumped from is now an upstairs sitting room.

There are many different places where Prince Charlie was rumoured to stay after the battle of Culloden. When the battle was over he went on his horse and rode towards gorthleck.

The story is told of a little girl watching from the house window and seeing the horses approach. In the house the ladies were preparing a feast but had to stop and tend to the wounded. There was only time for a quick meal as the fugitives were heading to Fort Augustus. 

While they were eating in an upstairs room Redcoats appeared. They began to hammer at the front door, which had been barred on the inside. Prince Charlie had to make his escape from the back window.

The window is high up so the escape would have been dangerous. To this day the room in the house is known as Prince Charlie’s room.

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