The Brahan Seer was one born Kennoth Odhar (Keanoch Owir) in Uig on the Isle of Lewis about 1650. He lived at Loch Ussie near to Dingwall in Ross-shire and worked as a labourer on the Brahan Estate, seat of the Seaforth chieftains, from somewhere around 1675.

River Ness Bridges
He made been several prophecies relating to bridges built over the River Ness. The Seer predicted that the Ness Bridge would be swept away by a great flood while crowded with people. In 1655 the old wooden bridge collapsed with about 200 people on it.

                          "When the ninth bridge crosses the Ness,
                              there will be fire, flood and calamity."

The ninth bridge was built in 1987 and in 1988, the Piper Alpha oil rig, in the North Sea, exploded killing 167 oil workers and an American passenger plane crashed in flames on Lockerbie killing a further 279 persons. On the 7th February, 1989 the rail bridge across the Ness, dating from 1862 was washed away when the Ness flooded.

               "When it is possible to cross the River Ness dryshod
      in five places, a frightful disaster would strike the whole world"

In August 1939, the river could be crossed at five bridges, one only being there to assist in the demolishing of the Bridge Street suspension bridge which had been condemned. Hitler invaded Poland on September 1st, 1939.

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