It all started long ago …………

A foul king called Conchubar who ruled Ireland had a magnificent orchestra. The harpist in the orchestra had just had a baby girl called Deirdre.

One day an old man was ambling along when he saw the baby and said how gorgeous she was. He also warned that she would bring remorse to her family! Hearing this, the harpist got on his horse and galloped off with the baby to the woods. He gave Deirdre to a couple who lived deep in the woods and there she grew into a beautiful young lady. Her beauty would have stunned any man but she never saw anyone, living there in the woods.

One night a storm was brewing and a hunter found his way to the hut. He knocked on the door and asked to stay the night. The old lady knew of Deirdre’s secret and wasn’t at all sure but did let him stay just one night. The next morning the hunter took his leave and ran as fast as he could to the King’s castle. He shouted the password and scrambled inside to the King.

As soon as the King heard of Deirdre’s beauty he got his fastest horse and galloped through the woods to the cottage. He banged on the door until it was opened by Deirdre. He was paralysed by her bewitching brown eyes and proposed to her. But Deirdre didn’t find him attractive at all and managed to bargain with him to marry him in a year’s time.


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