Loch Bran
Loch Bran is a small, shallow loch about 200 metres above Loch Ness. It is surrounded by trees and bog and consists of two parts nearly separated by a long tongue of land, or peninsula.

The part of the loch to the west of this peninsula is mainly shallow. It has been filling up with peat washed in from the hills and water lilies, rushes and other water plants have taken root and cover the surface of this part of Loch Bran.

The eastern part of Loch Bran is deeper. In one part it is about 15 metres deep. Brown Trout and Char live in these deeper waters. But the most interesting thing about this loch is that it is one of the best places in Britain for dragonflies and damselflies to breed. There are about eleven different species of these colourful giant insects here.

Because Loch Bran is so important as a habitat for plants and animals, especially the dragon and damsel flies, it is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Scottish Natural Heritage is responsible for looking after it and making sure that is not damaged or polluted.


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