The Falls of Foyers have been famous as a beauty spot for a long time. People have been visiting the Falls since long before the Caledonian Canal was opened in 1822. Robert Burns wrote a poem about the Falls in 1787. This is an excerpt from it.    

Visitors could get to the Falls by road, by steamboat from Inverness or by rowing across from the opposite side of Loch Ness. In 1895 the British Aluminium Company planned to build a factory at Foyers which would use the water from the Falls to turn turbines and make electricity to produce aluminium.

Visitors to the Falls didn’t want the Aluminium Factory to be built. They thought it would take too much water from the waterfall and spoil the famous beauty spot. It became one of the first ‘environmental battles’.

Letters and petitions were organised throughout the country and sent to the Secretary of State for Scotland protesting against the factory coming to Foyers and it was even discussed in parliament.The British Aluminium Factory closed in 1967 but the water from the Falls is still used today by the Hydro Electric Power Station at the loch side.

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