Last year the people of Farr were lucky enough to buy two pieces of local woodland: School Wood and Milton Wood. Now they will manage the woodland for the community. They will sell some wood to plant new trees for the future They also have lots of events like clean ups, celebrations, wildlife walks, Christmas decoration workshops and a Teddy Bears’ Picnic. They like people to walk in the woods but ask them to take care of plants and animals.

At Littlemill Wood there are trails or paths where you walk along and look at the view and see nature like birds, ducks, insects and frogs. So come and see them. They are nice nature walks for sunny days. There are three walks that all join up in one or two places. It was a pleasure for Farr Primary senior class to open these walks.

They are very interesting walks because you can climb eskers and walk along the top. Then you can sit beside kettlehole lochans also left behind by the glacier, which shaped Strathnairn 8000 years ago.

In the later stages of the last ice age glaciers moving down the Strath basin carried huge streams of melt water in tunnels beneath and within the ice. These tunnels became clogged with sand and gravel carried in the turbulent waters. As the ice melted the sinuous esker ridges were left as casts of the former ice tunnels. Some of these parallel ridges are found at Littlemill.


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