We have no proof that Romans visited Strathnairn but some old people say there is a ghost army which can be seen on misty May mornings on the moor between Loch Ashie (Loch of Strife) and Loch Duntelchaig.

The Romans were heroic people who had an Empire before Christ was born. They conquered their way round the Mediterranean Sea. They were unstoppable because they had a strong army and great engineers. The Romans invaded Britain because Julius Ceasar hoped to find gold, tin, corn and slaves. They settled in the South of Britain and the local people eventually got used to them.

It was different in the North and Hadrian had a stone wall built to keep out the fierce Picts (painted people who painted themselves blue to look even more scary).

After a while the Antonine Wall was built from the Firth of Forth to the Firth of Clyde to protect the Roman settlements in Central Scotland. There is not much of this wall left as it was earthworks and timber.

The Northern tribes would not stop fighting and even though Agricola beat the Pictish army of Galgach at Mons Graupius near Elgin in 84AD he knew that there were far more Picts waiting to attack him than he could beat so he turned south and never returned. Soon after this the barbarians attacked Rome and the Legions were called back from Britain.


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