Loch Ruthven is a nature reserve in Strathnairn. You may see the rare Slavonian Grebes as well as lots of interesting wildlife. Not just animals but plants too. If you get hungry on the way to the hide why not try the leaves of the Wood Sorrel, it tastes like gooseberries. Another plant which is very useful to have in the Highlands is the Bog Myrtle which helps to keep Midges away, supposedly!

When you get to the hide keep a look out for the Osprey which has been spotted fishing over the loch. There are also lots of other kinds of lovely wildlife to see. Farr School seniors have written letters in support of the RSPB who are trying to get a grant to improve things.

 The common Red Breasted Merganser lives around Farr. The Merganser has a green head and a pure white neck and body with black stripes. It has a duck shaped body and can grow from 52cm to 58cm. It eats fish but to help it to chew it has a jagged bill.

When it is having a rest I think it looks like a soldier. The Red Breasted Merganser will live near any bits of water. It lays 8-10 grey and white eggs. The young will make a croaking sound and be fed on fish. This is quite a common bird so look for it when you are out in the Strath and near water.


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