Carn Bheithin
The Fort Carn Bheithin dates back to the Iron Age. It was built on to the mound of a precipitous crag at a height of 900ft.

Although several pieces of the wall have collapsed and fallen down the rock face you can still see the remains of the fort. There was an enclosure, an area of one hundred and forty eight feet. (forty five metres) by fifty eight feet. (seventeen point five metres).

You get a superb view up Strathnairn from Carn Bheithin and long before an enemy could reach it, the Strathnairners could climb to safety. It would be very hard for the enemy to attack the fort after the steep climb to the top.

Standing Stones
There are several stone circles to be found in Strathnairn. These were made about 4000 years ago by our ancestors. We are not sure but think they had something to do with religion. We think they may have stood in the middle and danced round a fire wearing dead skulls and making drastic noises. Some of the standing stones are enormous like the one at Gask. You can see the stone circle from the road.

We also went to the stone circles at Tordarroch and took photographs too. Some of the rocks there have cup marks which must have taken a long time to make, but nobody is sure exactly what their purpose was.


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